Lilly Kim: “The Witch-Wolf from Siberia”

Thanks to the internet, we don’t really need to rent a room for practice or disturb our neighbours by playing loud music. When we realized we can jam online and make music covers with people around the world, another dimension of music was created.

We had a chance to talk to one of these musicians who prefer doing collaboration covers for YouTube. Her name is Lilly Kim (aka Witchwolflilly) and she’s classically trained soprano singer, black/death metal vocalist/vocal coach from Manchester, UK. We were amazed by her YouTube channel and decided to ask her couple of questions about her work:  

What inspired you to make YouTube covers?

I don’t really see myself as a Youtuber. I don’t upload regularly, and I do covers only when I could find a team of musicians to record everything from scratch (I don’t do “vocal covers”). However, I still make covers from time to time, to show appreciation for the songs that inspire me, songs that I could relate to, songs that make me feel deeply.

Do you play any instruments?

I started playing piano and violin when I was about 5, but my favorite instrument is my voice. Actually for singers, our whole body is the instrument. We have to take very good care of it. What we eat and drink, how we exercise, how we train our voice, even the weight fluctuation affect the voice. What works for one singer, doesn’t necessarily work for another. As a vocal coach, I help my students find the right balance(diet, exercise) and optimize the(practice) routine that suits their voice type, career goal, vocal style, physical condition.

You did some collaboration covers. Which one did you enjoy the most and why?

All musicians who collaborated with me are extremely skilled and talented. I enjoyed working with them all. If I still must choose one, it would be The Vampire from Nazareth. I’m a classically trained Soprano & Black/Death metal vocalist. It’s a very unique combination that allows me to move freely between light and dark, heaven and hell, sunset and sunrise. When I sang this song I could feel the black swan and white swan in me merge and dance beautifully together in one body, one soul. It was magical.

Who’s your favorite female metal vocalist and why?

“Female vocalist” is a label that I personally don’t like much. Alissa White-Gluz and Tarja Turunen have a very unique and powerful presence that nobody could even try to emulate. I have so much respect for both.

What’s the status of female vocalists in metal nowadays?

People try to stereotype us, put us in a box and those who refuse to conform are punished. In the past I declined a lot of “good” opportunities that could have brought me commercial success because of this reason. I don’t regret it. Things are getting better though. I will not be silenced again. I will always raise my voice for women.

How did you learn to growl?

I was about 14, I only sang classically back then but felt like something was missing inside of me. I listened to Arch Enemy for the first time, and everything just made sense. Vocal-wise Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dark Tranquility, Marduk are the bands that inspired me when I was still learning and developing my own style. Most people tried to stop me from practicing growls. They thought I’d just ruin my voice, but actually, my classical training was why I could instinctively knew how to growl powerfully, and do it in a way that doesn’t harm voice.

Do you have any guilty pleasure artists?

Mohombi. People don’t expect this from me but it’s not really a “guilty” pleasure. It’s no secret lol.

Do you have any message for your fans/subscribers for the end of this interview?

I’m not “The Vampire from Nazareth”, I’m “The Witch-Wolf from Siberia”. You know if you know 🤣 If you want to know more about me follow my facebook page “Lilly Kim”. You’ll see pictures, writings on various topics, live-practice (no-mic) videos as well as serious covers. Subscribe to my channel too, I will try my best to upload more regularly. I’ll give you quality music to listen to. 🙂

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